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IHerb $5.00 off coupon :)

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on October 26, 2010 an online supplement store, awarded me a $5.00 off coupon which I can share with first time customers only. Simply enter OPE145 and enjoy $5.00 off if you are a first time customer.

The last time I checked you also get free shipping on orders over $40.00 and you can combine it with the coupon. .

They also have specials.

Here is some more info on the is an online supplement store that sells “nationally known brands (Now Foods, Natural Factors, Source Naturals, Life Extension…..see all ) at remarkably competitive prices, with no house brands.”

They also say they have the following accolades

Named #1 online supplement store by 3 years in a row!

2008         2009         2010

Iherb rewards program also has a rewards program which works as follows.

Multi-level explanation (4+3+2+1)


  • Hand your email or code out to as many first–time customers as you wish (friends, family, co-workers etc.)
  • Anyone who enters your email or code during checkout earns you a 4% reward —based on their order subtotal.


  • The above referrals may then hand out their email or code —just like you did.
  • Any sale associated with their code now earns you 3%.

Level-3 & 4

  • The process repeats itself two more times with level-3 earning you 2% and Level-4 1%.

365 day return

Any above referral who returns to iHerb making additional purchases within 365 days of their first order earns you the same reward % amount, based on that individuals level.

There’s More!

All is not lost, because after every referrals 365 day window, you’ll continue earning on ever single repeat purchase.

We call this “Endless Rewards” and this gives you the opportunity to earn 1% on every referral at any level (1+1+1+1)—for the Life of our program!

via – Coupon Information.

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