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Huge Wikileaks release shows US ignored Iraq torture

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on October 23, 2010

The phrase “it is policy…” is almost used by institutional reps like a get out of free jail card. Like cornered animal, with no where to run, the US Gov is now on the defensive with regards this wikileaks release –

In response to which according to the BBC….

A US Defence Department spokesman dismissed the documents as raw observations by tactical units, which were only snapshots of tragic, mundane events.

On allegations of abuse, he said it was policy always to report “potentially illegal abusive behaviour” so action could be taken.

There we go. We are reminded of what is ‘policy’ vs what happened or what was allowed to happen.

Hooded Iraqi men are arrested by US troops in Baghdad (2004)

Wikileaks has released almost 400,000 secret US military records, which suggest US commanders ignored evidence of torture by the Iraqi authorities.

via BBC News – Huge Wikileaks release shows US ignored Iraq torture.


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