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Who cares about Pakistan? BBC News

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on August 23, 2010

Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan. There has been a whole host of reasons why Pakistan has been in the news. While lately, Pakistan related news has centered around the flood, the devastation its caused and calls for aid, there is another reason why Pakistan remains in the airwaves and that is: sluggish donations.

But what could explain these sluggish donations?

In an article titled “Who cares about Pakistan?”,  Jude Sheerin, a BBC writer tries to answer this question. The article reveals many possible reasons why donations have been sluggish.

But perhaps the most interesting part to the article are the reader’s responses (which them-self provide insight into why donations have been sluggish).

Donations have been sluggish to the Pakistan floods appeals, as they were back in 2005 when the part of Kashmir the country administers was torn apart by an earthquake. The BBC News website asked some experts to comment on possible reasons why.


via BBC News – Who cares about Pakistan?.


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