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BBC News – US-China ties in focus as Nimitz docks in Hong Kong

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on February 18, 2010

‘Hit America’

Lew Mon Hung is a wealthy Hong Kong-based businessman who sits on the foreign affairs committee of Beijing’s Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference – effectively an upper chamber with an advisory role.

French navy ship visiting Hong Kong, 2007

French, US and other navy ships have long visited Hong Kong harbour

He says if the US damages China’s core interests then Beijing should retaliate.

“If America isn’t friendly we can make life difficult – for instance if Iran asks to buy missiles or missile defence systems, China could sell them,” he says.

“Let it shock America. Hit America in the ribs. It would hurt America’s core interests and teach it a lesson. ”

And the Pentagon is now concerned about the build-up of China’s military power.

Posted via web from CNS


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