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QWERTY is almost dead at the hands transcription – Lifehacker

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on January 8, 2010
Google’s Nexus one has both voice transcription and voice recognition. If effective, the voice services could potentially be revolutionary.

To give a sense of how revolutionary it will be, think of the QWERTY keyboard and of its many applications like gadgets and more that use the QWERTY keyboard.

For instance, the computer would not exist as is without the QWERTY keyboard, neither would computer programs, the iPhone and other uses of computer programs like modern machines, data entry and related research e.t.c. would not exist in their current form without the QWERTY keyboard.

This reflects the particular importance of the QWERTY keyboard to facilitate the appearance of innovative, standardized products, facilitate and aid human communication, information transfer, spread and more. Email and increased texting speeds on QWERTY enabled smart phones are all products of the QWERTY keyboard.

By serving as a medium through which human cognition is communicated, the QWERTY keyboard has not only facilitated inter human communication but has also enabled two things: human interaction with their surroundings and inanimate objects; It also allows inanimate objects to communicate with humans.

This is where transcription services come in. When one grasps that transcription services will serve the same function as the QWERTY keyboard with the difference being that they will be faster and effortless mediums then it becomes clear that fool-proof transcription services will be giant leap for humanity.

In this regard Google’s voice transcription and voice recognition software which is widely rumored to be effective might have spelt the end of the QWERTY keyboard

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