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Choosing a WordPress host

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on January 5, 2010

Today, I searched for a WordPress host and between the many choices and my indecisiveness, I felt lost. I mean there are so many hosts to choose from and I for one thing like to have the best – a bad habit-  that means I try to scrutinize the services.

In my research I came across some host reviews. However here are some quick observations I made after my limited research.

1. suggests a few web hosting services. Bluehost however seems to have picked up the coveted WordPress blessing.

2. The WordPress suggestions are U.S. based and seems tp offer little support for any language besides English.

3. Godaddy? uuumm, I’ll stay away for now. Its to early in the game to come across user complaints though not all users have complaints.  Also check out

4. Globat seems to have issues too. Something about windows servers, I think….

5. Dreamhost has a great deal at $1.95/month. Seems you have to sign up for 2 years however.  (Read the print at the bottom)

Reviews I came across offered tips and suggested some hosts but didn’t make it easy to make a decision. In addition it seems  hosting services pay reviewers to write reviews of their services. As a result I approach the reviews with caution.

Do money and honesty mix? Perhaps.

Besides that, Katie Gatto of offers what I think are helpful tipsShe says

What you want in a host should be relatively simple. Most of what you want should be based on practical concerns. To give you an idea, your priorities should be:

  • Cost: Obviously you don’t want to pay too much for your site, so shop around
  • Reliability: You want a host that will have your site up and running regularly. Some hosts are great on price, but poor on quality.
  • offer some in-depth reviews of some services. Ipage, Justhost and Bluehost make it to the top three.

    Joost at (who says as much as $100 per referral that signs up was offered to him for reviews) suggests

    The Westhost starter plan costs $8.95/month. Now being a value shopper/blogger I think I’ll pass on this one.

    Moreso, something about the ‘I get paid to review their website’ makes me cautious. Not to say that I am suspicious of Joost’s suggestion, rather I just remain unconvinced. Plus Westhost’s price point does not help.

    So I was still lost. That all ended when I came across this Lifehacker post. Suddenly I felt more comfortable making a choice as long as it was one of choices Lifehacker readers suggested.

    My decision?: Dreamhost.

    They had me at go largely because of their price. I did waver between Dreamhost and Bluehost though but Dreamhost won me over. The clincher?

    They are employee owned.

    I don’t know what it is about being ’employee owned’ that motivates me to try them out. Maybe its cause I feel I won’t just be a number. But who says that will be the case?

    Anyway, I’ll give them a try for now.

    Any suggestions? I am eager for some.

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