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My Rogers Rant

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on December 15, 2009

Since Wind mobile was given the go ahead to launch, I have been devoutly engaged in a volunteer viral marketing campaign on Facebook and twitter for Wind mobile and against Rogers (especially), Bell and Telus. This rant of mine is the response to two friends who mentioned my obvious obsession with Wind mobile. …

Its nice talking to you after ages. Its unfortunate that it will be a rant but I hope you can bear with it and me.

I think anyone who experiences the terrible price plans that our protected ‘Canadian Telecoms’ have been offering us, would jump with joy, clap, sing and do anything at the sight of Rogers and its friends wincing in pain. Its heartless but it is true. 

For years, these companies have used in the harshest terms the ‘capitalist logic’ to swindle Canadians with such things as hidden fees, the now defunct system access fee, the voice mail fee (can you imagine that we have to pay extra for voice mail???) e.t.c. they ate away at our pockets, growing unnecessarily large, claiming simultaneously that they could not offer us the same products as people in the states got. For instance I can’t call my mum, ********* without incurring a large cost while in the states, a call from New york to Cali is billed the same as a local call.

Now I would have and would still subscribe to their excuses if: 1. I didn’t know the types of plans people were getting in the states; 2. I didn’t suddenly realize that Rogers had become a grossly inflated and inefficient company; 3. didn’t know how much of Canadians’ money they were banking away and finally, if it didn’t dawn on me that they could have offered Canadians better services but didn’t because there was no incentive to.

It was ridiculous that for years we were ripped off. Plus it was because our government protected them that they ripped us off. I am so sickened by their lack of incentive to cater to their consumers at similar qualitative levels as others cell services around the world. Most Canadians felt the same but could do nothing about it. We could only watch as Rogers messed up on our bills time and time again forcing the typical cell customer to spend a chunk of their day on the phone arguing with them. (I just did this last weekend)

Search any Canadian news outlet about WIND mobile and read the comments. What you will see are threads and threads of comments from people who have been so frustrated by the incumbents that some are even hoping that Rogers goes down under. (*******, a mutual friend is one of these people)

What they did was sick! And this, rant on facebook and the constant updates are a natural result. (Forgive me please for the constant intrusions) I take what they did extremely personal. Getting rich of me and others but not giving me quality service and ‘to add insult upon injury’ (lol) paying $25 million to buy the Sky dome (the home of Canada’s only baseball team) with their name so conspicuously evident but their service so conspicuously terrible. Take the following example as a sample of how bad they were: someone from Rogers called my girlfriend’s home and yelled at her mum. Can you imagine that?

I am evidently not too pleased with Rogers. They failed their customers and will fail others. What I have so far done on facebook is public service announcement so that others do not give away their cellular sanity to ‘this company’ this late in the game.

Please forgive my rant.

***breathing slowly in, then out****

So then, how are you??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

PS: The title of this piece will be changed on Wed a,s Rogers will be no longer be mine – I’m moving on to better things. I’m moving on to Wind.

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  1. Chang Herald said, on December 30, 2009 at 3:49 am

    I really do anticipate your next posts. If this one is any indication of the quality of your future posts, then I should say I’m hooked.

    • rilwan said, on December 31, 2009 at 6:17 pm

      Thanks. Im glad that you are hooked. Your feedback is greatly appreciated

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