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Tiger moving to Sweden, to a different reality?

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on December 12, 2009

Reports suggest that Tiger Woods might be moving to Sweden.

String of reports about sexual liaisons are surfacing far more than anyone would have expected when the initial story that sparked this ‘free for all’ broke. Tiger it seems is being stripped of his stripes. It is quite clear that a bubble has burst.

Tigers ‘second life’ – if I maybe allowed to use that term- has come crashing down upon himself and unfortunately his family. This is a tenuous position to be in for when ‘stuff’ like this crashes, it can have serious psychological impacts on of the affected.

When one’s psychological health is under attack it becomes necessary for one to seek a safe zone free of ‘attacks’ on the self and where one can re-center the self. For when the bubble crashes life seems like its in disarray and one is inclined to run a way from the chaos to a safe zone. This might explain why Tiger its seems has decided to put his golf career on a indefinite hold. It would also explain why his wife it seems has decided to move to Sweden.

Whatever Tiger did requires a complete reformulation of a new reality. Yet the constant media intrusion (this being one of them) is a constant reminder of the false reality on which their marriage was constructed on and it that such an atmosphere is not conducive for a rebirth or recreation of a happy and viable reality. This is why the have to find a safe zone. This is why they must run away from it all.

At some point in our lives we all run away from something. In this case, they’ll need to run away for their marriage to survive.

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