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Does Rogers have it’s head in the clouds with regards the new wireless entrants?

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on December 8, 2009

Does Rogers have it’s head in the clouds with regards the new wireless entrants?

Is Rogers confident about it’s ability to fend off the new wireless entrants or is it just trying to reassure it’s investors? In this case, I hope it’s the latter.

“VANCOUVER, British Columbia , Dec 7 (Reuters) – New entrants to Canada’s mobile phone market pose little immediate threat to Rogers Communications Inc (RCIb.TO), the company’s chief executive said on Monday, although he expects the upstarts will be able to sign on customers.

CEO Nadir Mohamed said he is comfortable that Rogers, Canada’s biggest wireless carrier, can easily weather competitors’ expected lower- priced offerings because of its much wider network coverage, large retail network and strong brand recognition.

“In no way do I see this as an environment where new players will get no customers,” Mohamed told a conference in New York.

But he added: “For some time… we will not see new players have anywhere near the kind of quality of network we have… We feel very strongly that we will have that advantage.”

Several newcomers, including Public Mobile and Data & Audio-Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc, are expected to roll out networks in coming months after winning wireless spectrum last year in a government auction.”


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