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BBC NEWS – The banned/unbanned Microsoft Word

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on September 5, 2009

Update 1

Microsoft has overturned a ban on it selling its flagship Word software, imposed after a patent dispute.

The ruling was made on 12 August in a Texas court following a long-running dispute between i4i and Microsoft.
Following the 12 August ruling Microsoft filed a request to stay the injunction and also asked for the case to be put on a fast track so its appeal could be heard quickly.
The US court said Microsoft had met the conditions needed to grant the stay. Arguments in Microsoft’s appeal against the earlier ruling are due to be heard on 23 September.

via BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft overturns Word sale ban.

A while back I mentioned the sympathy I felt for the persons responsible for carrying out this ban.

It seems they will might no longer need my sympathy. But since this is just a stay of the previous injuction, they might come back begging for my mercy. 🙂

BBC NEWS | Technology |A US federal court has ordered Microsoft to pay over $290m (£175m) for wilfully infringing on a patent by Canadian firm i4i.

from Rilwan’s posterous

How will Microsoft follow through with ruling? How are they going to prevent those already on the market from being sold? Well it is possible they issue an email to their vendors asking them to stop selling Word. But that is a pretty tall order. I don’t envy those responsible for following through with this order


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