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U.S. Embassy contractors gone wild in nude photos

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on September 4, 2009

Update 2: America made these contractors – an argument in support of the contractors

How the actions of Wackenhut contractors be explained?

These guys are under immense psychological pressures. They are in a war zone where they find themselves in situations of considerably overwhelming and continuous physical and psychological stress for long periods of times – without breaks.

Compared to their ‘normal’ daily routines, this current routine is borderline crazy or abnormal.

In such an instance a chance to relax or release this stress is both eagerly anticipated by these contractors and met with extreme enthusiasm such that it results in binges and associated actions that are perceivable abnormal.

It is thus that the actions of these individuals is highly influenced by the surroundings, psychological and physical conditions they find themselves in.

To punish these guards is to negatively reinforce their actions but to disclaim them or disavow their actions would be hypocritical because they and their actions are a project and product of America’s militaristic adventures.

Update: According to the BBC…

Eight private security guards at the US embassy in Kabul have been sacked over claims that they took part in drunken parties and lewd bullying rituals.

You would think that this would signal an end to the whole saga but there is more

The Project on Government Oversight,…the watchdog said it had not been informed of the identities of those who were sacked, and expressed concern that the wrong people might have been punished.

“We have been told people are being fired for simply being in the photographs. We do know a number of those were unwilling participants.”

It is very possible that sackings might have been carried out to quiten the percieved public uproar rather than to punish those involved.

Either way it seems like this issue will still be on the news for a while.

via BBC NEWS | South Asia | US axes Kabul guards for lewdness.

This is causing a storm. Well not really but if Maddow is on it then it becomes or is already a storm -which is what the security contractors seem to quite easily stir up.

Wackenhut a provider of security for the U.S. government has become the latest security contractor to be put on trial because of a set of photos and questionable poses.

Watch the video below to see what I mean.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “U.S. Embassy contractors gone wild in…“, posted with vodpod

Of course the implication here is that the tireless old phrase that “Al Qaeda will use this as tool to recruit more members” will get additional air time due to these leaked photos.

But critically speaking why wouldn’t that be the case?

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