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State sponsored murder? “Will Texas Soon Say It Executed An Innocent Man?” – NPR

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on September 3, 2009

Death penalty or State sponsored murder

Death penalty or State sponsored murder

This might turn out to be the first acknowledged case of state sponsored murder.

I have long questioned the validity of capital punishment as a system of justice since I saw Timothy McVeigh- the convicted bomber- put to death.

I remember that I stayed up all night to watch the convicted felon put to death all the while rummage as to what his death would bring or achieve especially buttressed when some family of his dead victims were eager to acknowledge their willingness to see him die

Now, I should and will not judge them i.e. the family of the victims but I question within myself if killing a person is a justified means of rectifying an injustice.

Now if it is clear that killing a murderer does not bring a dead person back to life then what is the motivation for killing a murderer?

Is it Revenge – Is that what Justice is? Or is it a sense of closure or is it just the satisfaction of seeing the person who killed a loved one die?

All the above scenarios about the possible motivations are chilling to me but who am I to judge. For those who have lost a loved one, I am not in a position to judge how they react.

But I do urge and hope that the tale below might elicit some deeper soul searching regarding the validity of capital punishment.

If it does turn out that this man was indeed innocent this will definitely be a shocker.

Many will lament his death saying that he died for no reason but that I would contest. Not with the intention of validating capital punishment as a great system of retributive justice but because I do believe truly that this man would have died for a cause.

For if it does turn out that he was innocent – He would have died to elicit a reconsideration and possibly to see changed a questionable human practice of retributive justice.

Will Texas Soon Say It Executed An Innocent Man? – The Two-Way – Breaking News, Analysis Blog : NPR.


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