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First Jewish Fatah member – Uri Davis

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on August 14, 2009

This is a significant.

Uri Davis is the first Jewish member of Fatah. Furthermore, since there might not be another person like him in a long while this makes the man Uri Davis a cause for celebration.

Here is why one or at least I should celebrate. There had never been a time where the thought crossed my mind that there might someday be a Jewish person that would become a member of Fatah. This by the way is coming from a very optimistic person. So if I as an optimist failed to phantom such a positive scenario as occurring then I failed and gave up on optimism. It is because Uri Davis has shown this so succinctly that I say he should be celebrated.

He by this single action gave hope that…(The shadows just took over)

Is this hope? I ask myself because there are others that consider this Jewish member of Fatah a loony, thats why I ask if this is hope?

But you can’t make the world reverse its direction of rotation no matter how hard you push the ground in the opposite direction.

Some things are just meant to be. In this case that means that some will look at Davis and sing praises to him while others will call him a self hating Jew.

To me, I have my character of Davis. And it is based on one englightening consequence of his action – the thought even that there could be such a thing as a ‘Palestinian Hebrew’.

You see this action has stretch my cognition. Put in simpler terms. Davis’ action just expanded my mind. And while actions like this might or might not lead to peace for both sides, my solace is found in that new corner of my mind that I previously hadn’t realized existed.

I sometimes believe that it is separation or apartness- that has increased the divide between these two groups (i.e. Palestinians and Israeli Jews).

So a situation where a separatedness is not the case but rather sharing exists serves to strengthen ties between both peoples. For there are many in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza whose encounter with this story will shatter previous preconceptions that had prior had of the other.

With that, the ‘hope’ exist that this action could lead to more exchange, less misunderstanding between both groups in the far flung hope that at some point both peoples recognize their inseparableness. And perhaps in this realization they decide to toss their weapons in exchange for hugs.

There might not be another Uri Davis for years. But his small step feels like a giant step for mankind. As today, Davis has broken several glass ceilings and left a trail for others to follow.


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