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BBC NEWS – Black scholar arrest angers Obama: “Cambridge police acted stupidly” – Obama said

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on July 23, 2009

Lately the case of a US black scholar: Prof Louis Gates that was arrested in Cambridge, Massachusetts has occupied the news waves. Below is an excerpt via BBC NEWS | Americas | Row over US black scholar arrest.

Police have apologised to a black Harvard scholar whose arrest last week on his own front doorstep sparked allegations of racism.

Prof Henry Louis Gates was held last week in Cambridge, Massachusetts, home to the top university where he teaches.

Police were called after a woman reported she saw two black males with backpacks trying to force entry.

Cambridge police have now dropped a disorderly conduct charge, calling the arrest “regrettable and unfortunate”.

The 58-year-old professor had reportedly told arresting officers “this is what happens to black men in America”.

Prof Henry Louis Gates spent four hours in custody, his lawyer says

In a traditionally jovial manner, Mr Obama put in his own 2 cents about the arrest of Prof Louis Gates who President Obama mentioned was a friend with the implication that he (Obama) was likely to be biased. Via the bbcnews:

Mr Obama said: “I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry.”

Number two… the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home.”

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