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China alert over ‘al-Qaeda threat’ – Al Jazeera English – Asia-Pacific

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on July 19, 2009

So the plot thickens…

Reminds me of a quote I once came across.

Now, I’ll admit that I am neither in the heat of a battle nor have I lost a loved one at the hands of an oppressive agent thus making me not qualified to pass judgement on those who have been personally affected by this conflict.

But just as this is true so also is this quote true.

“Kill because somebody was killed. Get killed because he killed. You think peace will ever come like that”

Excerpts via Al Jazeera English – Asia-Pacific – China alert over ‘al-Qaeda threat’.

The warning follows the publication of an intelligence report citing “chatter” from al-Qaeda’s North African arm vowing to avenge the deaths of Uighur Muslims killed during several days of unrest in the city of Urumqi.

A posting on the website of the Chinese embassy in Algiers on Tuesday urged all Chinese nationals and organisations in the country to take increased safety precautions and strengthen security measures “in consideration of the situation after the July 5 incident in Urumqi”.

According to London-based risk analysis firm Stirling Assynt, recent days have seen “an increasing amount of chatter” among figures believed to have links to al-Qaeda discussing attacks on Chinese interests.

“Some of these individuals have been actively seeking information on China’s interests in the Muslim world, which they could use for targeting purposes,” the firm said in a report released on Tuesday.

“This threat should be taken seriously,” the report’s authors wrote.

In the report Stirling Assynt estimated that there were 50,000 Chinese workers in Algeria, and hundreds of thousands more employed in projects across North Africa and the Middle East.

China has said more than 180 people died in the recent violence in Urumqi which erupted on July 5.

It is not clear how many of the dead were Muslims but Chinese officials have said most of those killed were ethnic Han Chinese.

However, Uighur leaders have accused Chinese forces of opening fire on peaceful protests, and say the number of people killed is far higher than the official tally.


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