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Iran plane black boxes ‘damaged’ – BBC NEWS | Middle East |

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on July 16, 2009

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Tell me if after reading this excerpt below if you think that it is in the interests of some Russian companies to see the 30 year economic embargo against Iran lifted?

Tell me also who you think should be implicated in this plane crash? the Iranian officials responsible for maintance and spearheaded by Ahmadinejad and Khameni; or the 30 years of economic embargoes by the west and spearheaded by the U.S. gov; or the Russian makers of the Tupolev Tu-154 plane, the quality of which this excerpt below might suggest does not measure up to Boeing’s and other European or American models?

However if quality was the most important cause and it is hard to believe that only the Iranians buy the Tupolev Tu-154, wouldn’t there have been more crashes of this particular plane model?

At Yerevan’s airport, one woman wept as she said her sister and two nephews, aged six and 11, had been on the flight.

“What will I do without them?” said Tina Karapetian, 45, before collapsing.

It was the third deadly crash of a Tupolev Tu-154 in Iran since 2002.

The BBC’s Jon Leyne says Iran’s civil and military air fleets are made up of elderly aircraft, in poor condition due to their age and lack of maintenance.

Since the Islamic revolution of 1979, trade embargoes by Western nations have forced Iran to buy mainly Russian-built planes to supplement an existing fleet of Boeings and other American and European models.

via BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran plane black boxes ‘damaged’.


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