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Al Sharpton Bravely Appears on The O’Reilly Factor « the full ginsburg

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on July 10, 2009

I came across this article on the blog: What can I say but that O’Reilly’s attack on Michael Jackson’s image continues. This time Al Sharpton was there to respond and I enjoyed it. Hopefully you enjoy it too.

Al Sharpton Bravely Appears on The O’Reilly Factor

2009 JULY 8

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by Claudia

Al Sharpton was invited to appear on the “O’Reilly Factor”. God bless that man for appearing on a program where the host talks over his guests in order to make his point and strongly oppose his opinion. Then again, if anyone can stand their own ground, it’s Al Sharpton. See the Al Sharpton vs. Bill O’Reilly feud below.

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Bill O’Reilly is still pissed that Michael Jackson is 1) considered an icon, 2) that he chose to have white kids, 3) that he broke barriers. Michael Jackson is DEAD. Let the man rest in peace

via Al Sharpton Bravely Appears on The O’Reilly Factor « the full ginsburg.

Transcript from

BILL O’REILLY: The Michael Jackson situation yesterday at the memorial service in Los Angeles — Al Sharpton said this:

AL SHARPTON: Michael made us love each other. Michael taught us to stand with each other… I want his three children to know, wasn’t nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with.

O’REILLY: With us now is Reverend Sharpton. Nothing strange about Michael Jackson? All that plastic surgery, altering his face and all of that. The hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on prescription drugs. In vitro on white kids, you know, when you’re black man. Nothing strange about it?

SHARPTON: Well, no.

O’REILLY: You don’t think any of that’s strange?

SHARPTON: First of all, you could probably have a large percentage of Americans that have had plastic surgery.

O’REILLY: Not like that.

SHARPTON: Well, maybe he had more resources. Maybe a lot of this is exaggerated. Let’s deal with the issues. The issue is that it is totally irresponsible for a lawmaker to disregard the law. Charges were made against Michael Jackson. A mostly non-black jury… he talks about nine out of ten, let’s try twelve out of twelve in a jury said he was not guilty of child molestation. That’s all. And it’s as reckless and irresponsible to say he’s a child molester as it would be for me to come on here and say Dick Cheney shoots his friends hunting.

via FREEDOM EDEN: Bill O’Reilly, Al Sharpton: Michael Jackson Strange?.


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