Tree of Eden

Michael’s death

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on July 7, 2009

Words from a sister wordpress blog on the touching life and death of Michael Jackson.

In pain he wept
as like dirt his sorrow they swept
the taunts, the never ending calls
that he was weird – (sharing the fate as the “school nerd”)

Overwhelmed by it all, he withdrew;
withdrew till he became a recluse
yet suffering all the while as he did
because, his happiness it is
was their smile, the flashes of their teeth

so alone in his home
now that his happiness was gone
his soul slowly drifted away
gone like the wind, day by day

he lived a short but painful life
and somehow inside I’m glad he died
for a person like him
is too good
for the cruel world we live in



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