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No sign Iran seeks nuclear arms: new IAEA head | U.S. | Reuters

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on July 4, 2009

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has a new head: Yukiya Amano. He will be replacing Mohamed ElBaradei who retires in November. ElBaradei- the incumbent- was a regular feature in international news especially regarding Iran and more recently regarding Israel when he:

…reacted sharply to an Israeli accusation of bias in his attitude toward Syria, in a rare public controversy at the nuclear watchdog

With all the political fanfare involved with occupying the post of IAEA Director-General, it is thus not surprising that the election of the new head: Amano, would be a politicized event.

Amano, a veteran Japanese diplomat, won over the agency’s member states on Friday, including developing countries which had tried to thwart his bid for the politically-sensitive post.

Amano was only narrowly elected as Director-General on Thursday…

About Syria and Iran, he said:

“I’m not going to be a “soft” Director-General or a “tough” Director-General,” Amano told Reuters, when asked how he would approach Iran and Syria, both subject to stalled IAEA probes.

Hopefully he will be a ‘fair’ Director-General. As any tact seen to prevent Iran and other so called rouge states from accessing nuclear technology most especially civilian nuclear technology (a right of all signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) will not be viewed favorably by other aspirants to the nuclear club.

Amano got the strongest backing from Western states keen for the IAEA to toughen steps against the spread of nuclear arms. But his rise has worried developing nations who see the non-proliferation maxim being used as an excuse to deny them a fair share of nuclear know-how.

One problem it seems has to do with dual use technology i.e. technology that can be used for a civilian nuclear and a military nuclear program.

The [nuclear] enrichment process can be configured to produce fuel either for nuclear power plants or weapons.

The manner in which he handles this so called ‘dual use’ nuclear products and technology would probably determine his legacy in an era where increasingly, more nations are looking towards creating nuclear programs to satisfy their energy needs. His approach to Iran and Syria then, could set a precedent for dealing with other nuclear programs however uncontroversial they might be.

As starters however, regarding allegations that Iran is trying to gain the ability to develop nuclear arms he said:

“I don’t see any evidence in IAEA official documents…”

No sign Iran seeks nuclear arms: new IAEA head | U.S. | Reuters.


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