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Saddam interview tapes released – BBC NEWS | Middle East |

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on July 3, 2009

Saddam’s interview tapes have been released according to this article.

US investigators have released accounts of the questioning of Saddam Hussein, offering a goldmine of historical and personal details on the Iraqi leader.

Saddam Hussein said he refused to allow UN weapons inspectors into Iraq to stop Iran knowing how weak it had become.

Among the fascinating personal detail contained in the accounts, the imprisoned former leader says he only remembered making two phone calls after March 1990 and changed his location every day.

He also revealed that the farm in northern Iraq where he was captured in December 2003, was the same place where he had found refuge after taking part in a failed coup attempt in 1959.

The tapes reveal interesting details about his alleged WMD program and the U.S. invasion:

The former leader appears to view Iran as the biggest threat to Iraq, which was why he says he kept UN inspectors out in the late 1990s, even though he had already got rid of all his weapons of mass destruction.

He preferred to risk American anger, he said, than to let Iran know how weak Iraq had become.”In his opinion, the UN inspectors would have directly identified to the Iranians where to inflict maximum damage to Iraq,” one document says.

Saddam Hussein said he allowed the inspectors in later, in the hope of heading off the invasion in 2003, but by then it was too late because the US had already made up its mind to attack.

He admitted it was a mistake not to have allowed the UN to document Iraq’s destruction of its weapons of mass destruction, which he said had been completed by 1998.That process, he said, had left Iraq weakened, while Iran was free to develop its armaments.

And on his links to Osama Bin Laden:

Saddam Hussein denied US suggestions that he was linked with al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, who he calls a “zealot”.

On North Korea

Separately he cites North Korea as his most likely ally in a crunch, according to the documents.

On launching Scud missles against Israel during the first Gulf war

He takes personal responsibility for ordering the launching of Scud missiles against Israel during the 1991 Gulf War, blaming Israel and its influence on the US for “all the problems of the Arabs”.

And regarding his use of ‘doubles’ which was widely believed.

When asked whether he had ever used “doubles” as discussed in books and other publications, “he laughed and stated, ‘This is movie magic not reality’.”

The Sadam interview tapes can be found here along with his fingerprints. I have also posted links to the interviews below.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Saddam interview tapes released.

Read the Documents
Note: The following documents are in PDF format.
You will need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

  1. FBI Form, January 1, 2004
  2. Interview Session 1, February 7, 2004
  3. Interview Session 2, February 8, 2004
  4. Interview Session 3, February 10, 2004
  5. Interview Session 4, February 13, 2004
  6. Interview Session 5, February 15, 2004
  7. Interview Session 6, February 16, 2004
  8. Interview Session 7, February 18, 2004
  9. Interview Session 8, February 20, 2004
  10. Interview Session 9, February 24, 2004
  11. Interview Session 10, February 27, 2004
  12. Interview Session 11, March 3, 2004
  13. Interview Session 12, March 5, 2004
  14. Interview Session 13, March 11, 2004
  15. Interview Session 14, March 13, 2004
  16. Interview Session 15, March 16, 2004
  17. Interview Session 16, March 19, 2004
  18. Interview Session 17, March 23, 2004
  19. Interview Session 18, March 28, 2004
  20. Interview Session 19, March 30, 2004
  21. Interview Session 20, May 1, 2004
  22. Casual Conversation, May 10, 2004
  23. Casual Conversation, May13, 2004
  24. Casual Conversation, June 11, 2004
  25. Casual Conversation, June 17, 2004
  26. Casual Conversation, June 28, 2004
  27. [Excised] IT-Iraq, March 21, 2004

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