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RIP Michael – BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Can Michael Jackson’s demons be explained?

Posted in Uncategorized by T.Salami on June 30, 2009

Michael’s death has raised again his legacy from the good to his supposed wrong doings but it also raises the question of the influences that made Michael who he was and finally it raises questions about the the unwillingness of a culture to accept extreme differences and its easy banishment of such differences as evil.

I had a short discussion with my cleaning lady the day after Michael’s death during which she raised the issue of his legacy. To her Michael was great as the old Michael and “He should have never changed” suggesting that he should have not changed from black Michael to white Michael. According to this wiki article, Michael suffered from vitiligo and lupus which are to blame for his gradually paler skin tone.

I replied to my cleaning lady however that Michael supposedly grew up trying to please others from his father to fans; and perhaps importantly, Michael was successful because of this. Whatever changes Michael went through I believe he might have done to please others. And as his success came to be increasingly linked to his ability to please others it further reinforced perhaps a willingness to change. Now Ill admit that I am no psychologist and thus my ideas on this subject is probably as important as “…” I don’t know what. Anyway in support, my cleaning lady mentioned Latoya – Michael’s sister – as having changed too in the same manner as Michael. It will be interesting to find out if she too suffers from vitiligo and lupus

I later came across this BBC article that attempts to explain Michael’s “demons”. The introduction to the article states:

No one knows exactly where Michael Jackson’s problems stem from. But in the eyes of those who study behaviour, feelings and motivations, his unorthodox upbringing could go a long way to explain his troubled adult life.

The article then goes on to provide some insight by psychologists as to “how the extraordinary childhood experiences of someone such as Jackson might shape a person in later life.”

The article discusses the following reasons suggesting Michael’s childhood influenced by these experiences:






My conclusions about this?… I don’t know, I mean who truly knows but if anything the psychologist are of an expert than I am making me qualified to say that I don’t know.

Anyway back to my cleaning lady who after mentioning Latoya raised the issue of the child molestation charges brought against Michael. She said she did not believe that Michael did it. I shrugged my shoulders when she said this simply because I believe everyone has opinions on the subject but no one truly knows what happened. To buttress her argument however my very interesting cleaning lady said something very insightful.

She said that the problem Michael had was that he never grew up and that in the cultural contexts that we occupy were we are constantly confronted fears of paedophilia almost as constantly as the fear of terrorism, that everything is seen through the paedophilic lens.

It is said that Michael was very caring which Michael’s former bodyguard also acknowledged. It seems then that he was too caring that in our cultural context it is considered too naive and impossible for a grown man to be that naive. But he was a man who lived in “Neverland” – his ranch.

It is seems like anything that widely seen in a culture as too naive is considered to impossibly exist and thus more easily interpreted as bad.

R.I.P. Michael.

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Can Michael Jackson’s demons be explained?.


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